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Foreword from Director General

ESAMI Masters Programmes draw on the unique experiences
that the institute has acquired in management training,research and consulting in Africa. These experiences have
made it possible for ESAMI to offer Masters programmes that enable graduating executives have the following qualities:

  1. Developed global mindset which allows understanding of international management  issues with a    regional and a local focus
  2. Ability to think critically, strategically and independently
  3. Enhanced quest for practical innovations and creativity in business management
  4. Ability to manage diversity
  5. Ability to recognize change and/or initiate change proactively so as to maintain competitive edge
  6. Ability in entrepreneurship and spearheading innovation

Given the current and expected environmental, economic, social and political realities, the programs’ emphasis is to create innovation, analytical and visionary skills in managers.
Today’s executives require a comprehensive stock of knowledge and skills that are related to their work situations, and adaptable to change in their wider and immediate local environment.Rapid changes in the world’s socio-economic and political structures are propelling organizations towards the search for a competitive edge, away from the “crowd” in order to penetrate the global market, grow and sustain own market share. Such a competitive edge type of knowledge and skills are essential for all visionary executives and managers of the twenty-first century.





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